…be late or on time?

…spend your time reading / writing emails or having real conversations?

…ignore people and have them ignore you or engage with people and have them engage with you?

…discuss inconclusive evidence or concrete facts?

…rush and be flippant or take time to be diligent?

…add confusion or provide clarity?

…leave work knowing you could have done more or that you’ve put in a solid shift?

…critisise or support?

…work aimlessly or have clear goals?

…focus on your weaknesses or your strengths?

…contribute to waste or act with efficiency?

…worry about what went wrong or look for opportunities to put it right?

…make others sad or make them smile?

…be passive or contribute?

…claim others work as your own or be their biggest cheerleader?

…blend in or make a difference?

…ignore good work or celebrate success?

…be a nobody or be a somebody?

…be average or be the best you can be?

…plod along or grab life by the balls and take control of your career?


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