OK, first off – I admit the title of this post is click bait. SAFe bashing seems to be a favourite hobby for some at the moment, but this is not an article about SAFe (at least not directly). In fact suspend whatever feelings you have about any agile framework forContinue Reading

Was lucky enough to facilitate an awesome knowledge sharing session today with some peers where we discussed different games we’ve played with our teams at work, and in what scenarios they work best… Here’s a summary of the stuff discussed and some supporting links: Jenga – the facilitator simply wroteContinue Reading

Deadly, vicious beasts stomping around in the open. Shy and reluctant creatures hiding in the shadows. Smelly, dirty monsters lurking in grubby holes and damp areas. They’re all there. Hiding in the print room. Lurking behind the pot plant. Camouflaged in amongst the herd of your colleagues. You might haveContinue Reading

Nor is doing LeSS or being a good DAD. If you’ve got no idea what I’m on about, these are all cash cows frameworks for scaling agility in large organisations. Scaled agile framework = SAFe / Large scale scrum = LeSS / Disciplined agile delivery = DAD They’re designed to helpContinue Reading