Working with a variety of clients over the years I’ve consistently observed the mis-understanding of the Scrum master role. Broadly speaking it’s commonly devalued and seen as something that can be done on the side, in additional to another role. As a result there’s a constant demand to clarify andContinue Reading

How many times have you heard this sentence at work? – “It’s important we’re on the same page” or been asked “Are you on the same page?” If you’re anything like me you’ve heard it hundreds of times, and probably never paid it much attention to the nuances of theContinue Reading

Over the last few years I’ve been on a huge learning journey, both in terms of gaining a bunch of practical experience and in consuming knowledge from books and courses. Often however, rather than leaving me with confidence and clarity, there’s feelings of insecurity (about the amount of stuff IContinue Reading

After conducting lots of interviews for scrum masters recently it’s clear the trend of anyone with any hint of agile experience calling themselves an agile coach is thriving. As someone who has invested heavily both financially (in my own education) and time (seeking out opportunities for concrete practice) in thisContinue Reading