Please Note – Given the current situation with corona virus the Faciltator labs are moving online, and will be hosted by Noel while Tobias takes a break.

Offering a virtual lab is something we were being encouraged to experiment with, and now is the time to make this happen.

The format will remain mostly the same, with participants bringing their own ideas and experiments centred around facilitation online.


The Facilitator Labs, a safe space created by Tobias Mayer and Noel Warnell is intended for:

  • Experimenting with new facilitation and teaching methods
  • Seeking creative input on a workshop format
  • Rehearsing a newly learned technique
  • Testing the water with a willing audience before jumping into the deep, and sometimes hostile corporate waters
  • Collaborating with peers
  • Sharing a seed of an idea and getting quick feedback

Anyone who holds meetings, teaches, or facilitates groups is encouraged to join. 


Each lab will offer between 3-6 sessions, facilitated by whomever has a proposal. There is no fixed agenda and no fixed time box for the sessions. This will depend entirely on what proposals are brought to each event.

Tobias and Noel, whilst both experienced facilitators themselves, are there simply to prepare and hold the space for creativity to occur.

Proposals can be made in advance, or simply brought on the day. All participants are responsible for the learning, and each lab itself is an experiment, with our hypothesis being that the learning from each one will help to improve the series as a whole.


You can attend as a facilitator, or just a participant. Each role is equally valid. Through regular attendance at these labs both facilitators and participants will become more confident and skilled in their ability to facilitate groups, while building up their toolbox of new ideas from others with which to experiment further.

The core requirements, if they can be named as such, are a desire to learn, a willingness to fail and showing up with an open heart and an open mind.