If you work in a corporate environment it’s highly likely that you’ve heard the term, maybe attended a meeting that has been facilitated or been invited to facilitate a meeting yourself? Communities and schools are getting into facilitation too but if you’ve not heard of the term, I can confirmContinue Reading

Words have different meanings to different people. We choose to interpret things we read or hear based on our own background, culture and beliefs. Sometimes we even rush to judgement before being curious about the words people use. So why did we choose to set up a company with theContinue Reading

My exploration of this started when a client invited me to join and observe a leadership team meeting with the statement “I’m not convinced these meetings are very effective…” It reminded me of something in ‘From Contempt to Curiosity’ by Caitlin Walker. This sparked my creativity to try to captureContinue Reading

I struggled for a long time with standard, boring vanilla interview format for a couple of reasons. They’re often boring yawn-fests I rarely felt like I’d truly got to know the person behind their corporate mask Success rate was average at best After trying a few new things over theContinue Reading